Treating your fuel like gold

Shipping companies have done what is possible to mitigate such costs through intelligent routing and economising through better vehicle choices in an effort to reduce the ever growing operating costs while also looking at ways of keeping abreast of international pressures to reduce their carbon footprint. At the end of the day, the consumer ultimately pays.

It is a fact that the more expensive fuel becomes at the pump, the more valuable it becomes to firstly, potential thieves and opportunists, and secondly its safeguarding with checks and balances to monitor its usage.

Director, Charl Hoole of Velisa Agencies says, "We have been closely involved with trucking companies and others who use a lot of fuel both as a service provider to them and also as a company that does distribution using their services, and we see it all the time, executives are stressed out! Their directors are looking at the bottom line and demanding a lower fuel bill, lower emissions and better control mechanisms. What we do is address all of these issues for them... radically make an impact which is statistically verified".

Hoole goes on to say, "We have dealt with the biggest and the best out there and more than 90% of them do not have proper systems in place for monitoring fuel usage or preventing theft. Worse still, ask them for a running average fuel consumption on a vehicle over a month and it is at best, a guess, even when they outsource to contractors they are often billed double the actual fuel usage amount... we had such a case this year with a Blue Chip logistics concern at the Durban harbour. With our two core products, Diesel Guard and Naf-Tech, we get stuck in and assist to the last drop!".

Being aware of products out in the market to reduce fuel consumption, theft and emissions, has become a neccessity in our modern business environment. To ignore the usage of your liquid gold is fatal, if not wreckless. Velisa Agencies will gladly assist clients with recommendations both in South Africa and other SADC states.

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