Naf-Tech is a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons that, when added to fuel at a very low dosage, greatly enhances its vaporisation properties. This causes a more even fuel droplet size distribution during fuel injection facilitating combustion at the most advantageous time.


Hydrocarbon based fuel is a multifaceted product consisting of hundreds of elements. Huge design efforts are made by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to ensure that the largest possible volume of introduced fuel burns out when ignited. Modern engines effectively burn most of the fuel that is introduced, therefore attempts to obtain an increase in combustion efficiency will realise little to no beneficial effects.


The emphasis should not be placed on the amount of injected fuel that is burned but rather on HOW the fuel is burned. The high surface tension of conventional diesel impairs the vaporisation quality of the injection process. The distinctive characteristics of Naf-Tech ensure the optimal vaporization of fuel during the injection process by breaking down the fuel surface tension. The improved vaporisation effectively increases the flame-front area and the velocity of combustion. The aforementioned increases the engine thermal efficiency that, in turn, will improve fuel consumption or increase engine performance as well as reducing engine emissions and heat generated during the combustion cycle.


Savings vary depending on the application. For example, generators already tested with Naf-Tech have realised savings up to 22% while test results and operational fleet data obtained for trucks indicates savings up to 14%.


A Naf-Tech sample has been tested by the SABS during 2008 and it complied to the technical performance requirements of specifications SANS 342 and SANS 1598. Backed by top scientists and petrochemical engineers, Naf-Tech is your product of choice and is a world leader in the field.


We are international distributors and have established a good market share locally and abroad, including countries such a Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique where the fuel quality is not always on par with manufacturer requirements.


Approximate savings that can be expected from Naf-Tech:

  • Transport:
  • Power Generation:
  • Fisheries:
  • Mining and Construction:
  • Locomotives and Railroad:
  • 8-12%
  • 11-28%
  • 12-14%
  • 11-15%
  • 12-15%



Naf-Tech can and must be used for all kinds of petrol and diesel engines for:

- Improved thermal efficiency of engines.

- Improved power output.

- Cooler combustion temperatures.

- Improved fuel usage.

- Significantly reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

- Reduced fuel dilution of engine oil due to unburned fuel slipping past the piston rings.

- Reduced formation of sludge in engine oil due to a reduction in soot.

- Reduced engine wear.


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