Reducing manufacturing costs with treated boiler fuel

Utilising nano-fuel technology, such inputs can be greatly reduced, not only in terms of emissions taxes but also fuel savings. Savings of up to 20% are attainable by using trusted additives. Traditionally, businesses are sceptical about using additives as many promise the earth but often lead to later damage. It is important to check the credentials of such products. It is also necessary to overlook the brand name as some old brand names have recently entered the additive market and are not safe.

Velisa Agencies has been involved in the industry for 5 years with a combustion enhancer which delivers more than just fuel savings and also carries a heafty insurance policy for customer peace of mind in the event of damage. This is a world first. The product is also tested by credible bodies to ensure results are delivered and that the product is safe.

Director of Velisa Agencies, Charl Hoole, says, "We are pleased with the market penetration of our combustion enhancer. We supply companies with trucks, generators, boilers and just about anyone in between using fuel in the operations. We believe in delivering quality to our clients, both locally and cross-border."

For more information on how to reduce your fuel costs, contact Velisa Agencies.

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